Under the Dome

Spaulding questions Cooper’s dual role

NC Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ken Spaulding Wednesday criticized state Attorney General Roy Cooper for his dual positions on voting rights laws and on gay marriage.

“I along with many North Carolinians, find it logically inconsistent for Attorney General Roy Cooper to oppose the voter suppression law and Amendment One, while at the same time supporting these laws in court,” Spaulding said in a statement.

Both Spaulding, a former lawmaker from Durham, and Cooper are expected to be candidates in the 2016 Democratic primary for governor.

Cooper, as the state’s chief lawyer, is defending both the changes in the voting laws passed by the legislature and the constitutional amendment declaring that a marriage is between a man and a woman. But Cooper has also voiced his political view that the voting laws are aimed at disenfranchising voters, and that he supports gay marriages.

The Republican legislature and GOP Gov. Pat McCrory have hired outside counsel to help represent the state in voting rights case.

Spaulding said it is unfortunate that Cooper’s dual position will cost taxpayers more legal fees. Cooper has said the outside counsel is unnecessary.

Spaulding called upon Cooper to appoint an independent counsel.

“Taking this approach would dictate that the governor and the legislature should not spend taxpayers’ dollars on additional legal fees,” Spaulding said.