Under the Dome

Amazon series pits Carolina-Duke coaches against each other in Senate race

There is a new series under production featuring a fictional North Carolina senator who is also a former Carolina basketball coach. The plot: He is about to be challenged in the GOP primary by the Duke basketball coach.

The series, which will have its premiere over the Internet on Nov. 15, is the first attempt at original programming by Amazon.com, The New York Times reported Monday.

Called “Alpha House,” it features four Republican senators living together in the same house in Washington. Actor John Goodman plays a North Carolina Republican Senator named Gil John Biggs, a revered former Tar Heels basketball coach.

But he is confronting a tea party challenge from Digger Mancusi, who is the Duke basketball coach.

In a scene filmed last month, according to The Times, Sen. Biggs is confronting the problem of several sex videos.

Biggs swears and moans, “It’s like the Clemson game all over again.”

The series is being written by Garry Trudeau, the creator of the comic, “Doonesbury.” Trudeau is a graduate of Yale, so he apparently doesn’t have a dog in the Carolina/Duke feud.