Under the Dome

McCrory appoints task force on school safety

Twenty people have been appointed to a new statewide group that will look for ways to improve school safety.

Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday named his appointments to the Task Force on Safer Schools. The committee is comprised of elected officials, teachers, students, lawyers and law enforcement.

Triangle residents on the task force are Frank Perry, secretary of the state Department of Public Safety; Bob Kindsvatter, director of the state Division of Child Development and Early Education; Donna White, a registered nurse with the state Department of Health and Human Services; Luke Stanceil, an 11th-grade student and vice president of the study body at Corinth Holders High School in Wendell; and Karin Evanoff, a nurse who worked on Wake County schools’ safety task force.

Earlier this year, a special report McCrory commissioned came up with nearly 80 recommendations, including establishing this task force. Another recommendation was to allow school resource law enforcement officers to carry firearms but no one else on campuses.