Under the Dome

McCrory draws hundreds of Facebook questions, answers few

Gov. Pat McCrory drew more than 200 questions and comments in the 30 minutes he spent on a Facebook question-and-answer Monday evening, but he replied to just six.

His limited interactions drew scorn from posters on his Facebook page but the governor's office declared it "successful" in a statement afterward.

“Thanks to everyone who hopped on my Facebook page tonight,” McCrory said in a statement released by his office during his trip to Facebook headquarters in California. “I really enjoyed visiting Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, connecting with people and learning more about Facebook’s products. We’ll do this much more often in the future.”

The governor's office said McCrory would have liked to answer more questions but he had to leave for an economic development meeting. But he also let dozens of questions posed while he was online go unanswered, particularly pointed ones asked by critics.

McCrory, who is apparently a slow typer, kept it extremely informal, typing in all lower case and using plenty of punctuation, such as extra exclamation points and periods to form extended ellipses between thoughts.

"Hey Guv Pat!! Hope that things are going well there," wrote Barbara Sossomon in the chat. "Bringing us any jobs home from there? Thanks for all that you are doing.

McCrory replied: "thanks.....selling nc and getting a great response!!!!"

His informality drew a couple comments when posters corrected the governor's grammar in his reply to a question about energy costs posed from the Facebook page of U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, a Concord Republican who ran McCrory's 2008 campaign for governor.

McCrory replied: "your doing a great job...we plan to get major energy policy passed this next session to create jobs and help with our country being less dependent on others..need for administration in washington to let us begin process off our coast.....be safe,,,,pat...."

It's "you're" not "your," they commented.

His longest response came to a question about why the state refused to expand Medicaid to cover hundreds of thousands of people without insurance.

McCrory replied: "great question...we anticipated the current roll out to be unmanageable from the federal government...we need to fix existing medicaid to help the elderly, young, disabled, and women before we consider expanding. cost overruns and poor service to those populations which medicaid was designed for deserve better.....we also anticipated major issues with obamacare and sadly they have happened...we need to know long term impact on medicaid rolls prior to risking taxpayer further investment."

Answering other questions, he touted his emphasis on community college career paths and the tax cut measure approved he signed into law earlier this year.

Amanda Brown Bergen asked for his predictions on the Carolina Panthers Monday Night football game.

McCrory replied: "wish i was in charlotte to watch game....panthers by 10....defense and cam newton running ball will lead us to victory....plan to watch tonight and cheer loudly....pat...thanks"