Under the Dome

New less-government nonprofit group forms in NC

A new issue-oriented group has been formed to promote state policy changes that limit government regulations, reduce taxes, protect property rights and improve economic opportunities.

Priorities North Carolina is calling itself a nonpartisan coalition but it clearly tilts conservative. Yet founder Chad Adams – a candidate for state GOP chairman in 2009 – says the group will be about issues not political parties.

Adams, who was also a Lee County commissioner and worked for the John Locke Foundation, spent four years hosting a talk radio program in Wilmington. He said Tuesday that the radio gig helped put him in touch with what people are talking about – mostly the economy.

First up, tackling the Affordable Care Act. Adams said the group will sponsor events with speakers on a variety of topics. Fracking is likely to be another big subject the group will dig into, he said.

Priorities N.C. is a tax-exempt social welfare organization under the IRS 501(c)(4) designation, which means it can influence elections and policies so long as it spends less than half of its money on politics. They have become increasingly common in recent years, often working in tandem with so-called super PACs. They do not have to disclose their contributors.

The organization’s website is prioritiesnc.com/