Under the Dome

Democrat Hanchette to announce for state House race

Democrat Kim Hanchette plans to formally announce her candidacy in state House District 49, a district now represented by Republican freshman Dr. Jim Fulghum.

Hanchette is a diabetes educator, founder Diabetes Management Solutions. Hanchette, a Raleigh resident, says education is her top issue and that the state budget is out of step with district and state values. She’s scheduled to publicly announce Tuesday.

"High quality, well-compensated teachers are the best predictors of student achievement and success and we just won't have those great teachers if they are the 46th in the nation for teacher pay and we eliminate the incentive for advanced degrees,” she said in a statement.

“When they prioritize tax cuts to millionaires over teacher raises and cut at-risk kids out of pre-k funding then we know what and who they value."

Hanchette said one of her motivations for getting into the race was the state decision not to expand Medicaid. About 500,000 low-income people would have signed up for the government health insurance under an expansion. The decision leaves hospitals in the lurch, she said, because they treat people have no way to pay. “Without that money, they’re really going to have a tough time,” Hanchette said.

Fulghum, a neurosurgeon, defeated Democrat Keith Karlsson last year 54 percent to 46 percent.