Under the Dome

McCrory misfires on teacher pay line

Gov. Pat McCrory reiterated his support for teacher pay hikes Tuesday but tooted his horn too loudly.

Talking to reporters after the Council of State meeting, the Republican said he is committed to a proposal that would increase the state’s teacher pay, which currently ranks near the bottom in the nation.

"I was hoping to get a teacher raise in my first year but getting it in my second year – when it hasn't been proposed out of the executive branch by my predecessors for the past four years – I think would be a positive step,” McCrory said.

Contrary to what he claimed, his predecessor Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue proposed a 1.8 percent pay hike for teachers and other state employees in her 2012 budget proposal.

Republican legislative leaders whittled it down to 1.2 percent in the final budget plan – the first pay hike in four years. Perdue vetoed the budget saying it cut education too deeply and lawmakers overrode it.

UPDATE: A McCrory spokesman later clarified that the governor meant that previous administrations didn’t get results. In Perdue’s case, the pay hike went through, despite the veto.