Under the Dome

Greg Brannon to launch Boston Tea Party-themed ‘money bomb’

U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon is preparing to launch a “money bomb” to coincide with the 240th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

The online fundraising blitz – titled “Retreat is not an Option” – starts Friday and runs through the anniversary Dec. 16. The timing further reinforces Brannon’s strategy of winning the Republican Party’s nomination with a tea party platform. He recently said he believes the federal government only has two roles: federal defense and free trade, saying the rest is left to the states.

“On December 16th, 1773 the Sons of Liberty staged a political protest in the Boston Harbor to rebel against the “intolerable acts” of the British Empire and defend the principles of self-government, consent, and natural rights,” Brannon writes in the fundraising appeal. “Today, we face our own series of intolerable acts; Obamacare, politically motivated IRS audits, NSA spying, executive orders, TSA groping, assaults on the 2nd amendment, bailouts of political cronies, aggressive attacks on private property by the EPA -- the list goes on and on.”

The Brannon campaign is calling the fundraising a grassroots conservative effort and contrasting it with House Speaker Thom Tillis’ recent fundraising with “Karl Rove and the D.C. insiders.”

The campaign did not set a goal for the campaign. Brannon is way behind in the money race against front-runner Tillis. Like Brannon, Rev. Mark Harris and two other candidates – Bill Flynn and Heather Grant – are also seeking tea party support in the GOP Senate primary.