Under the Dome

Support for Ukrainian protesters in Raleigh

A few dozen people gathered Saturday afternoon in Raleigh to protest the Ukrainian government’s decision not to go forward with a trade pact with the European Union. The group in Raleigh also decried a police crackdown on protesters in that country.

“We want to show our support with our extended family still over there, let them know the Ukrainian-Americans are with them,” said Luka Kurzeniowski, 42, of Apex.

People carrying “Ukraine is Europe” signs, and some wrapped in blue and yellow Ukrainian flags, gathered near the legislative building in Raleigh and prepared to walk toward the Capitol.

Last month, the Ukrainian government, under pressure from Russia, turned away from a political and trade deal with the European Union. The decision touched off a wave of protests. Riot police dispersed a protest in Kiev last Saturday.

Oleh Wolowyna, 74, of Chapel Hill, said he was in the Ukraine last month when the protests started. Police were beating journalists and students, he said.