Under the Dome

In video message, McCrory touts state's improving economy

Gov. Pat McCrory touts the state’s improving economy in an end-of-the-year video message released by his office Wednesday.

In his first year, McCrory says he “tackled some very complex problems and made some difficult decisions – because people are hurting.

“Not enough people of North Carolina are working and we need jobs,” he said in the nearly three-minute video. “At times we had to endure short term pain for long term gain.” (See video below.)

The state’s unemployment rate stood 9.5 percent, the fifth highest in the nation, when McCrory took office, and he uses the video to highlight North Carolina’s 8 percent jobless rate in October, the 13th highest in the nation. (November unemployment numbers come later this week.)

“This Christmas season 80,000 more North Carolinians are collecting a paycheck,” he said.

The Republican governor also touted the changes to the state’s tax law, saying it will make the state more competitive in luring jobs to the state.

“Next year, we will build on the progress we made this year, in revitalizing our economy, streamlining government, improving our children’s education and rebuilding our transportation infrastructure,” he said.

Alluding to the upheaval and protests that marked his first term, McCrory added: “We all want a better North Carolina. We must respect our different paths to reach that goal and find consensus where we can.”

The message was prerecorded; McCrory is on vacation this week.