Under the Dome

Phil Berger is a Washington Post 'emerging star'

The Washington Post blog GovBeat put Senate leader Phil Berger on its list of “emerging stars” outside the Beltway.

The Eden Republican was among the “standouts who achieved big things,” along with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, and other governors and state legislatures.

GovBeat called Berger “the undisputed driving force behind policies on election law, tax cuts and social issues the legislature passed this year.”

Berger was also the first to put the kibosh on starting a state health exchange under the Affordable Care Act, slammed the lid on Medicaid expansion, and led the effort to abolish teacher tenure and put new limits on social promotion in elementary school.

After toying with the idea of running for U.S. Senate, he stepped away from the race.