Under the Dome

RNC launches radio ads hitting Hagan

UPDATED: The Republican National Committee is adding to the barrage of attack ads pointed at U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan.

The party is airing 30-second radio advertisements starting Tuesday that highlight how Hagan and President Barack Obama pledged that people could keep their health insurance coverage if they wanted. (“They lied to you big time,” it says.)

It asks listeners to make a New Year’s resolution to hold Hagan accountable. “Resolve to keep (Sen. Kay Hagan) honest in 2014,” it says. Listen to a sample ad against Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu here.)

The Hagan ad is airing on radio stations in Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh-Durham, Greensboro-Winston-Salem and Greenville, according to the RNC, which did not disclose a cost for the ad buy. But Democratic media buyers say it is small – as in real small: $250 in North Carolina.

Hagan, a Democrat, is facing a tough re-election battle as Republicans and outside groups continue highlight the federal health care law as a key issue in the race.