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AFP spends another $1.4M on TV ad to attack Hagan

The federal health care law’s implementation is improving, but you won’t know it looking at the television in the days to come.

Americans for Prosperity, a group tied to major conservative donors Charles and David Koch, is putting another $1.4 million into a statewide TV ad campaign criticizing the law and attacking Democrat Kay Hagan for supporting it.

The ad – which features a woman talking directly to the camera – originally aired in December and AFP said it “appeared to have great effect across the state.”

It is the fourth wave of attack ads the group has aired against Hagan. With the latest effort, the group’s ad buys now top $6.5 million in North Carolina, according to new numbers from the group, which don’t include millions more in production costs and fees.

Hagan is blasting the effort, saying outside donors are trying to unduly influence North Carolina voters. But the ad campaign is hurting her approval numbers and helping to buoy Republican candidates who are challenging her.

“This is just another baseless smear campaign from a Koch Brothers-backed group that doesn’t disclose its donors, doesn’t speak for North Carolinians, and has a record of airing ads that fact checkers call ‘false,’” said Sadie Weiner, a Hagan spokeswoman.

AFP officials said the effort is designed to keep the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, the center of the attention in this campaign year, even as other issues are competing for candidate’s attention.

“We want to continue to apply constituent pressure on Senator Hagan for her support of the Affordable Care Act,” said John Dudley, the group’s state director, in a statement. “The Senator has failed to apologize for telling North Carolinians that if they liked their health insurance plan they can keep it, nor has she offered to explain increasing premiums in North Carolina. We plan on holding her accountable by educating her constituents and urging them to contact her.”

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