Under the Dome

FreedomWorks touts Greg Brannon as the next Ted Cruz or Rand Paul

FreedomWorks, a national grassroots conservative organization, endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon on Tuesday night, comparing him to tea party figures Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe traveled to North Carolina for the event at the BBQ Lodge in Raleigh and introduced Brannon as the next U.S. senator from North Carolina.

“We’re definitely in it to win it, and I think if you want to win the general, you’re going to win it with a candidate who stands for something, that authentically believes in what he’s talking about,” Kibbe said. “If you look at the new stars of the Republican party – names like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul – clearly Dr. Brannon is one of those guys. I think he’s the most competitive candidate in the general.”

Brannon hopes the endorsement will further spur interest in his underdog candidacy as he challenges House Speaker Thom Tillis, Charlotte pastor Mark Harris and other candidates for the Republican Party nomination. The winner of the May primary will face Democratic incumbent Senator Kay Hagan in November.

“We’ve done our work and they’ve done their due diligence, and the marriage is perfect. Again, the word I’m going to use is humbled,” Brannon said of the organization’s support.

The endorsement comes as Brannon faces tough headlines about allegations that he misled two people who invested in a technology company that he co-founded. The case is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Brannon, a self-identified tea party candidate and Cary OB-GYN, said the movement spurred by conservatives like Cruz, Paul and Mike Lee is bigger than his campaign. “I believe this movement is not just crossing North Carolina, it’s flying across our country,” he said.

Kibbe said North Carolina is a focus for his organization. “Obviously, North Carolina is a big pickup opportunity for Republicans,” Kibbe said. “Kay Hagan is now stuck with some of the promises she made about Obamacare, and that’s a big opportunity for us.”

Bob Mason, a Moore County resident dressed in bright blue colonial American garb, said he has been supporting Brannon for months, but he still thinks this endorsement is important. “FreedomWorks coming down here puts a little icing on the cake because they are a nationally known organization that stands for the same principles,” Mason said.