Under the Dome

Greg Brannon takes a shot at rival Thom Tillis in new video

U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon is offering supporters a preview of what his campaign says will become a TV ad in coming weeks.

The Republican is trying to raise money online through Monday to put the video on the air. It comes as he stands trial this week in a civil lawsuit about misleading investors in a company he helped start. (See the video below.)

The one-minute spot is longer than most campaign ads, so expect it to get chopped up for TV and radio spots. How much money Brannon raises will determine whether the ad will make a splash. But at this point it’s instructive as to how the underdog candidate plans to market himself to Republican primary voters.

Right off the top, Brannon takes a shot at GOP frontrunner Thom Tillis, showing a blackened picture of the House speaker and the words “fed up with career politicians.”

An announcer labels Brannon “a tea party leader who cherishes the intent of the founders, the sovereignty of the state, the liberty of the people and the clear meaning of the Constitution.”

If elected, he pledged to work with Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to “repeal Obamacare, end unconstitutional spying, stop the tax borrow and spend madness and restore respect for the constitution.”