Under the Dome

White criticizes Rouzer for cozying up to Eric Cantor

UPDATED: Republican congressional candidate Woody White of Wilmington criticized two top Republicans in the U.S. House – House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia – for voting with Democrats this week to raise the federal debt limit.

In doing so, White also criticized former state Sen. David Rouzer, his opponent in a GOP primary in North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Rouzer, of Johnston County, has scheduled two fundraisers with Cantor on Monday in the Wilmington area.

“While David Rouzer cozies up to Rep. Eric Cantor this week and wants to go along to Washington to get along with Washington, I’ll fight Obama and liberals – and those in our own party who vote with the liberals – to protect and defend our conservative principles,” White said in a news release.

White, an attorney and chairman of the New Hanover County Commissioners, said President Barack Obama and his allies in Congress would “bankrupt this country unless we send to Congress principled conservatives.”

“Why the leadership has chosen to give in to Obama and the Democrats without any concessions towards our future economy is appalling to me and other conservatives across this district,” White said. “This cave-in is why I’m running.”

Earlier this week, 28 Republicans joined 193 House Democrats in voting for the debt limit increase without any concessions from the Obama administration. Republicans who voted yes wanted to avoid a government default and the political fallout from that.

Rouzer campaign spokeswoman Jessica Wood responded by saying conservative groups like Citizens United Political Victory Fund have endorsed Rouzer. “That’s because David can be counted on to fight overspending, overreaching and over-regulating government in Washington, just like he’s done in North Carolina,” Wood said.

She also said Rouzer would have voted no on the legislation to increase the debt limit.