Under the Dome

Glenn Beck declares ‘man crush’ on Brannon after interview

With a jury down the hall considering a civil lawsuit against him, Republican Greg Brannon took time Tuesday to tout his U.S. Senate campaign on Glenn Beck's radio program.

Brannon cast his candidacy in the mold of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who has endorsed him, and it played well with Beck. By the end, the conservative firebrand talk show host declared he had "a man crush" on Brannon.

"I've talked to a lot of candidates and it usually takes me a while to warm up to them before I trust them," Beck told Brannon on The Blaze program. "You are so well read, so well thought out. I believe you. You are perhaps the best candidate I have ever talked to the first time out of the chute. You are amazing. You are amazing."

Brannon, who praised Beck for his work, said he was "totally blown away" by the kind words and went on to talk about how he homeschools his children.

More music to Beck's ears. "Are you horribly disfigured by an acid accident or anything? Beck asked. "Because you should be running away with this."

The praise provided an interesting juxtaposition to the ongoing civil trial in which two investors and former friends accused Brannon and a co-defendent of providing misleading or false information about their failed startup tech company. The week-long trial featured testimony and arguments that put Brannon in an unflattering light.

The investors are seeking to recoup the $250,000 they put into Neogence Enterprises, a moble application company, and damages. A Wake County jury began to weigh the case Monday afternoon and continued deliberations in a room down the hall from where Brannon did the phone interview with Beck.

When asked the main difference between Republican Party front-runner Thom Tillis and his campaign, Brannon said Tillis "is backed by a guy named Karl Rove."

"Is he really? Dear God," the radio hosts' replied.

Brannon also questioned Tillis' conservative credentials, saying he won't debate the other candidates, supports (unnamed) private-public partnerships and favors toll roads.

"We will show his record and I hope he comes to debates," Brannon said.

Tillis has missed a number of early candidate forums but his campaign has said the House speaker would appear at events in coming weeks.