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Issues forum offers to do list for teachers

The Emerging Issues Forum on teachers has offered five action items following last week’s conference in Raleigh attended by 1,300 people.

Here are recommendations voted on by participants, including many teachers:

• Create a statewide campaign to “rebrand” teaching to better attract young people to the profession.

• Enhance entry-level requirements for teachers to boost competitiveness, and tie compensation to multiple measures.

• Build career ladders that allow top teachers to stay in the classroom, and give teachers extra pay for taking on leadership responsibilities such as coaching peers.

• Emulate the medical profession’s structure for establishing status, with better training, standards and leadership opportunities.

• Develop 11-month contract options for teachers to allow for more talent development.

The forum has set up a website for a six-week boot camp to help people organize efforts in their communities. It’s at www.emergingissuescommons.org/

There will also be a free online course starting March 10. It’s at http://iei.ncsu.edu/emerging-issues/teachers-great-economic-debate/massive-open-online-world-class-teaching/

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