Under the Dome

Republican US Senate candidates suggest economic sanctions against Russia

Asked at a forum Thursday how the United States should respond to Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine, Republican candidates for U.S. Senate emphasized the need impose economic sanctions against Russia.

Candidates Mark Harris, Ted Alexander, Greg Brannon, Heather Grant and Edward Kryn participated in the forum, which was hosted by the Republican Women of Cary & Southwestern Wake.

Thom Tillis, Jim Snyder and Alex Bradshaw – the other Republican candidates – were not in attendance.

“We must be ready to make a swift move. We must be ready to use economic sanctions. We must be ready to put all of the issues and the options on the table,” Harris said. “You cannot do that unless you have a leader who is willing to stand.”

Harris said he thinks Russia is more of a threat than many Americans believe it is, and a strong military is critical to developing an effective solution.

Grant suggested positioning naval ships outside the Black Sea as a show of military strength. She also said the U.S. should send a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin by leveraging U.S. natural resources.

“We can take a strong stance on America, do what we need to do by opening the Keystone Pipeline, by taking applications to drill in ANWR, and by working with the European Union to say we will export our natural gas to them,” she said.

“An expanding Russia is not something that we want.”

But Kryn said the U.S. can act without sending any warships.

“We have the opportunity to cripple the Russian currency if we place the right restrictions in place with our European partners,” he said.