Under the Dome

Spaulding: Cooper should apologize to everyone

Durham lawyer Ken Spaulding clearly intends to dog Attorney General Roy Cooper from now until the 2016 Democratic primary election for governor.

On Friday, the day after it was reported that Cooper settled a longrunning lawsuit against him with an apology over a political ad, Spaulding said Cooper should apologize to all North Carolina voters.

“The ad ran on TV stations for a week,” Spaulding said of the 2000 campaign commercial in the race for attorney general between Cooper and Dan Boyce. “The issue is larger than the 2016 race. It’s an important issue, and I will be talking about it in speeches.”

Boyce sued Cooper for libel because the ad said Boyce had charged $28,000 an hour to represent taxpayers in a lawsuit against the state. But that case was handled by Boyce’s father, not him, who received only a small fraction of that amount in a class-action suit that refunded more than $1 billion to taxpayers.

As Boyce’s lawsuit was nearing trial, both sides reached a settlement Wednesday night, which required the attorney general to apologize to the Boyce family for any implication that they were not ethical. His insurer must pay $75,000 in court costs. Cooper did not admit libeling anyone.