Under the Dome

Democrat joins the TV campaign in 6th District

A jamboree of Republicans are competing to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Howard Coble in the Greensboro-area 6th District race and filling local television with advertising.

Now Democrat Laura Fjeld is joining the fray with her own campaign ad. The biographical spot identifies Fjeld as the “daughter of public school teachers” and focuses on education at the front. (See it below.)

“We need to make North Carolina schools our top priority,” she says in the 30-second spot.

The kicker: “... We need someone in Washington who is going to fight for all of us.”

Fjeld faces a primary opponent May 6 but it’s not much of a race. The district bends Republican so the big race is November, when she’ll need more television to help get her message to voters. The upshot of her first ad: People may start to learn how to pronounce her name. She says it “Fee-eld.”

“I am excited to share my message of prioritizing education with voters throughout the district,” she said in a statement. “Voters will now see two contrasting messages as the Republican candidates continue with partisan rhetoric that doesn’t work, while I focus on creating jobs and improving our education system.”

It’s a small TV ad buy, about $60,000 for a week. It is airing on broadcast in Greensboro and cable in Raleigh and Greensboro. (The district includes parts of Orange and Durham counties.) Her campaign said the ad is just a starting point for the longer campaign.