Under the Dome

Tillis radio ad hits back against Hagan’s radio ad

Even as Thom Tillis tries to fend off challenges from his GOP rivals, he’s trading radio attack ads with Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

The Tillis campaign recently launched a radio ad in select markets across the state accusing Hagan of lying about Tillis’ record. (Listen below.)

It’s a rebuttal to Hagan’s double-barrel radio spot hitting Tillis on health care and his legislative office scandal.

In the minute-long spot, Tillis touts his record standing against “Obamacare,” even going so far as to boast that he help stopped Medicaid expansion under the law – an issue critics say kept hundreds of thousands of low-income residents from receiving health care coverage. ( More on that part from the Washington Post.)

It repeats other lines from a Tillis TV ad (itself a response to a Democratic attack ad questioned by fact-checkers) about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trying to meddle in the Republican primary. “When you hear those sleazy attack ads against Thom Tillis, remember who’s paying for them,” the ad says.

The Tillis campaign said it is putting $30,000 behind the latest radio ad.

Hagan’s campaign responded with this statement from spokeswoman Sadie Weiner: “Kay supports commonsense fixes to make the health care law work better for North Carolina, but Thom Tillis brags about rejecting healthcare for 500,000 North Carolinians showing that he cares far more about his special interest agenda than middle class families.”