Under the Dome

Aiken, Crisco bumping up last-minute campaign cash

Correction: This story incorrectly said Keith Crisco had raised $577,000 for his campaign for the 2nd Congressional District Democratic nomination. Through April 16, he received $755,000, including $530,000 in loans he made. The item also erroneously said his company contributed money; it did not.

Former pop singer Clay Aiken has raised money from more individual contributors over the past few weeks than his main opponent in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District. Aiken brought in $76,000 contrasted with Keith Crisco’s $18,000.

Both candidates are loaning their campaigns money as the May 6 primary nears. Aiken reports a $50,000 loan on top of the $24,000 he already loaned himself. The Crisco campaign has been receiving almost weekly loans from the candidate since November, adding up to more than half a million dollars.

Aiken has said he wouldn’t finance his own campaign, but he is financing a little bit of it: His campaign has received close to $360,000 so far, including his two loans. Crisco’s campaign reports receiving $755,000 including the loans. (A previous version of this post erroneously said Crisco’s textile company contributed to the campaign. It did not. This post also updates the amount of contributions Crisco’s campaign reported receiving through April 16.)

Aiken reported $74,000 cash on hand as of mid-April and Crisco about $2,000. Crisco has been spending more heavily on TV ads and campaign mailers.