Under the Dome

Hey, President Spellings, can you keep it down? I’ve got a midterm tomorrow

Apparently, the inauguration dinner and dance at the Franklin Street home of UNC President Margaret Spellings on Thursday night was quite the celebration.

It even led to a noise complaint from a sorority across the street, according to UNC Board Chairman Lou Bissette, who joked about the occasion at Friday’s Board of Governors meeting. “A good time was had by all,” Bissette said, adding that it was fun to meet Spellings’ Texas friends, “most of whom were orderly.”

A tent was erected in the backyard of the president’s home for the event, which included music from Liquid Pleasure, a venerable dance band whose website boasts, “The more you drink, the better we sound.”

Right behind the president’s home, students in Alderman dorm were not in a partying mood. Sarah Wright, a UNC-Chapel Hill junior, was studying for a math midterm as the drumbeat thumped outside. “We were not super pleased about it,” she said. “It was loud.”

Wright and her roommate, who was writing a paper, took their concerns to their resident assistant, then called the night editor at The News & Observer. But there was nothing to be done, Wright said: “She’s the president of the university.” The party ended around midnight, she said.

All was forgiven the next day. When reached Friday, Wright said, “Sorry, I was a little grumpy,” adding, “I’m fine now. My test is over and it went well.”

The inauguration was supported by private gifts, and Spellings gave the board a “giant thank you for the financial, physical, metaphysical and spiritual support that you all provided around the great day yesterday for this university, but really more importantly, every day.”

Friday’s meetings started at 9 a.m. and included sausage biscuits and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Jane Stancill: 919-829-4559, @janestancill