Under the Dome

McCrory joins GOP governors asking Obama not to veto pipeline

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory joined 23 other Republican governors Thursday in asking President Barack Obama not to veto the Keystone XL oil pipeline bill that cleared Congress the day before.

The governors wrote a letter to the president touting the potential benefit in jobs and energy supply, along with minimal environmental threat.

“With one stroke of a pen, you have the power to give thousands of Americans the shot at a good-paying job that will help them provide for their families and get ahead in a tight economy,” the letter reads.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House passed a bill to construct the pipeline on a 270-152 vote, with 29 Democrats supporting it. But neither the House nor the Senate have the two-thirds votes needed to override the veto that Obama has promised.

Aside from the bill, the president has the final authority to approve or disapprove the pipeline because it crosses an international border. It would deliver oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries.

A State Department review found building the pipeline wouldn’t significantly increase carbon pollution. It also determined that the number of jobs to construct it represent less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the economy.

The governors’ letter notes the State Department said the pipeline would create an estimated 42,000 jobs. A fact-check by The Washington Post contends that number is substantially overstated.