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NC Sen. Bill Rabon appointed Rules Committee chairman

Sen. Bill Rabon
Sen. Bill Rabon

N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger announced Tuesday that he has named Sen. Bill Rabon of Southport to the powerful post of Rules Committee chairman.

Rabon, who will begin his fourth term in January, is one of the chairmen of the Republican-dominated Senate’s transportation, finance, and transportation budget committees. He replaces Sen. Tom Apodaca of Hendersonville. Apodaca resigned last summer and later told Business North Carolina magazine he was starting a “business development and public relations” firm.

The Rules Committee almost never meets, but the chairman holds considerable power by controlling the flow of legislation and the chamber’s operations.

Berger wrote in a Facebook post announcing the appointment: “Over the past six years, Bill has been a champion for fiscally conservative policies that have helped our Republican majority cut taxes on middle class families and small businesses, raise teacher pay and improve our public schools, and grow our state’s economy. As Co-Chairman of the Senate Finance and Transportation Committees, Bill has been unwavering in his resolve and commitment to delving into complex policy issues and finding solutions to benefit the people of our state.”

Rabon is a veterinarian. Two years ago, he was recorded giving a profanity-laced assessment of a puppy mill bill in a meeting with constituents.

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