Under the Dome

The legislature is hiring: humor required

The General Assembly is looking to hire someone who is unpretentious and has a sense of humor. The pay for this gig is pretty good – $130,000 to $200,000 a year – because he or she will have to run the operations side of the legislature.

The Legislative Services Officer, appointed by the Legislative Services Commission, oversees the financial and payroll operations at the General Assembly, related facilities and its staff operations. The job notice says applicants should have working knowledge of the operations and procedures of state government and state legislatures.

Other skills:

▪ Working with people from diverse backgrounds and varying viewpoints.

▪ Patience and perseverance.

▪ Comprehensive knowledge of accounting and personnel procedures.

▪ Humor and lack of pretension.

Unlike other good paying jobs with the General Assembly, a law degree is not required. Minimum education is a bachelor’s degree. They’re looking for applicants with a minimum of 10 years of public policy and management experience and three years of senior management experience.

The job requirements are wide-ranging. The last person in the job, George Hall, had a handle on issues as diverse as chamber remodeling budgets, phone records, and newspaper racks.