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NYT spotlights lack of pardons in NC case

The New York Times on Tuesday highlights the struggle of two men who have been declared innocent of rape and murder, both intellectually disabled and living with their sister who can barely make rent.

Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, half brothers, are waiting for Gov. Pat McCrory to determine whether they warrant pardons and the ensuing right to receive remuneration from the state. The pair applied for pardons about five months ago.

“What remains unclear is how, exactly, Mr. McCrory’s process unfolds, and how much he considers any opposition to pardon applications,” the Times story says.

The N&O reported last month that the governor said the cases were still being reviewed in a formal process led by his chief legal counsel. McCrory said at the time there are “varying views and opinions in this case.”

The Times said a spokesman for the governor said last week that the matter was still under review.