Under the Dome

House elects eight members to UNC Board of Governors

The state House elected eight members to the UNC Board of Governors Thursday, including five new faces, while turning three incumbents off the board.

One Democrat was among the winners. Walter Davenport, a Raleigh accountant who previously served on the board, was the next-to-lowest vote getter but made the cut from a slate of 15.

The rest were Republican, with the exception of one who is politically unaffiliated.

Three members — Jim Holmes, David Powers and Mary Ann Maxwell — were re-elected to the board. Three others — Dick Taylor, Raiford Trask and Hari Nath — lost their seats.

Besides Davenport, newly elected members are: Pearl Burris-Floyd of Dallas, a vice president of the Greensboro Partnership; John Alex Mitchell, a Durham developer who is unaffiliated; C. Philip Byers of Forest City, president of Challenge Foundation Properties and trustee at Western Carolina University; and Joe Thomas Knott III, a Raleigh lawyer.

The Senate elected eight members on Wednesday — one politically unaffiliated member and the rest Republicans.

The board will be slightly more racially diverse with the addition of three African-American members — Burris-Floyd, Davenport and William Webb, who was chosen by the Senate.