Under the Dome

State security: Leave your knives at home

Conservationists, regulators and businesses sometimes are sometimes sharp-tongued with one another, but they don’t usually pull out knives.

Still, the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources isn’t taking any chances. On Monday the agency sent out an email blast to stakeholders in an upcoming meeting about water quality: Leave your knives at home.

We’ll let DENR rules review branch chief Jeff Manning’s email explain:

“Recently, there was a meeting in the Archdale Building where the security guard for the building had to hold on to about 20 knives (it was an aquatic weed managers meeting),” Manning wrote. “Since a number of you will be signing in through security in the morning, the officer has specifically requested that I remind you to leave your knives at home!”

Presumably, he was talking about pocket knives. No word on other weaponry.