Under the Dome

NC House bill would allow lawsuits against terrorists

A House committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow victims of a terrorist attack to sue the terrorist.

House Bill 371 also allows victims to sue anyone who “aids or abets, solicits, or conspires to commit an act of terror or who lends material support to an act of terror.”

“That is a key, key piece,” said the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Chris Whitmire, a Transylvania County Republican. “It gives a reachback to address those who enabled that person.”

Whitmire said the legislation is necessary “given the world we live in,” with terrorist attacks becoming more frequent.

“This is in addition to any other remedies that may be there” for victims, he said.

The bill got unanimous approval in the Committee on Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs and now heads to the House Judiciary I Committee.

The homeland security committee also voted unanimously for House Bill 254, which would ensure that North Carolina workers who serve in another state’s National Guard have the same employment protections as members of the North Carolina National Guard. That bill passed the House later Wednesday afternoon.