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McCrory discloses financing for trips

Gov. Pat McCrory has filed a new ethics disclosure report, and it discloses eight trips he took last year that he didn’t pay for.

The report also discloses continuing income from McCrory’s previous employment with his brother’s consulting company. Before he was elected, the governor had helped businesses that target state contracts, according to an archived version of the company’s website. The governor’s office says McCrory did not contact public sector agencies on behalf of the consulting firm’s clients.

In this month’s filing, McCrory reports that the commission fees he is receiving were earned from his brother’s company in 2012, before he was elected. The form requires that he list the income if it was more than $5,000. He is not required to disclose a more precise figure. He also reported that source of income on last year’s form.

The trips, valued at about $15,000, were paid by the Republican Governors Association or the National Governors Association, and are similar to the approximately $13,000 for seven trips the governor belatedly reported as part of last year’s required filings.

McCrory in March had to file a supplement to last year’s report after a liberal advocacy group, Progress N.C. Action, and Charlotte station WSOC-TV raised questions about unreported trips.

McCrory’s office at first said the trips didn’t have to be reported, but later decided they did. The governor’s chief legal counsel said it was a matter of interpretation but that, on the advice of the State Ethics Commission staff, the additional trips would be disclosed.

McCrory has had to amend his disclosure forms previously after not fully disclosing his financial interests involving Duke Energy, which was his longtime employer, and a subsidiary, due to what he said were oversights or errors. The new report was filed late Thursday, which was the deadline for state officials to report last year’s financial interests.

The 2104 trips for which McCrory accepted grants-in-aid to attend were reported as:

▪ Feb. 5 – Republican Governors Association breakfast in Washington, D.C., valued at $240.

▪ Feb. 20-23 – Republican Governors Association winter meeting in Washington, D.C., valued at $3,000.

▪ Feb. 21-24 – National Governors Association winter meeting in Washington, D.C., valued at $600.

▪ May 19-21 – Republican Governors Association corporate policy summit in New York City valued at $5,425.

▪ July 10-13 – National Governors Association summer meeting in Nashville, Tenn., valued at $550.

▪ Aug. 19 – Republican Governors Association healthcare policy luncheon in Philadelphia valued at $1,700.

▪ Sept. 22-23 – Republican Governors Association corporate policy summit in Chicago valued at $1,260.

▪ Nov. 18-21 – Republican Governors Association annual conference in Boca Raton, Fla. valued at $2,100.

Progress N.C. Action has filed complaints with the Ethics Commission relating to disclosures about stock holdings from Duke Energy and Tree.com, as well as his role with McCrory & Company, the Charlotte-based sales consulting firm founded by his brother.

The complaint contends McCrory should have disclosed that he was a partner in the consulting company, although he describes himself in lesser terms.

The governor has said that the complaints are politically motivated and baseless.

NOTE: This version updated from previous post that said McCrory “had helped businesses target state government contracts” in the second paragraph.