Under the Dome

McCrory’s crash recovery earns high marks

We’re a little late with this one but, as they say, in case you missed it:

Politicians have to think on their feet — or, in Gov. Pat McCrory’s case last week, off his feet.

At an event in Durham, the governor tried to take his seat at a panel discussion but the wheeled chair slipped out from under him. Those around him rushed to his aid, but once on his feet the governor spread his arms and declared, “Ta da!”

He added that in 20 years of public office he had never done that before — in Durham.

The accident was caught on WNCN TV, and quickly made the round. The governor came out looking pretty good, most agreed. In fact, footage of the crash ended up on McCrory’s Facebook page with the message: “Sometimes it's not how you fall, it's how you get back up.”

Rate his performance yourself at http://bit.ly/1Hc29yz