Under the Dome

McCrory visits House GOP caucus with transportation, budget figures in tow

Gov. Pat McCrory dropped in on the House GOP caucus Tuesday night, with Transportation Secretary Tony Tata and Budget Director Lee Roberts in tow.

McCrory avoided reporters on the way in and out of the caucus room in the legislative building, where he spent about 20 minutes. Tata and Roberts stayed behind for a bit, and then answered several lawmakers’ questions in hushed tones outside the room.

House Speaker Tim Moore said he couldn’t divulge the topic, because what happens in caucus stays in caucus, sometimes. But considering the company he brought with him, it’s a good guess what the governor’s visit was about.

McCrory recently released details of two $1.5 billion bond proposals he wants the legislature to put before voters, which he needs the legislature to go along with. So he has begun working the Republican majority to get behind his plan, which would fund highway projects and improve state buildings and other infrastructure.

The visit came as the House took a dinner break during a late session, as the chamber started in earnest this week trying to clear bills that have been bottled up, with a crossover deadline approaching next week.