Under the Dome

Democrats call on GOP to focus on economy, not social issues

Senate Democrats on Monday called on GOP leadership in the General Assembly to move some of their bills that they say would do a better job of improving North Carolina’s economy than the Republicans’ agenda does.

With three days remaining before the crossover deadline – the cutoff point determining which bills must move from one chamber to another – Democrats asked Republican legislators to snap out of their focus on social issues and work together to help more people.

“Middle-class families here in North Carolina are still waiting for their comeback,” Democratic Leader Dan Blue of Raleigh said at a news conference in the legislative building. “North Carolina’s middle-class is ready for high-quality jobs, living wages and investment in an education system that prepares our young people for a 21st Century economy. North Carolina is waiting for these changes, and we’re tired of waiting.”

Democrats said legislation from this point on should be about attracting high-paying jobs through tax credits that have been eliminated, reinstating the earned income tax credit, childcare tax subisidies and medical expenses deductions for senior citizens, as well as raising the minimum wage and requiring equal pay for women and adequately funding education.