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NC House votes to ban powdered alcohol

The state House voted 83-32 Monday evening to ban the sale of powdered alcohol in North Carolina.

Sold under the brand name Palcohol, the product was approved by federal regulators last year. It comes in packets that can be poured into other beverages to make mixed drinks. It can also be snorted, allowing consumers to get drunk within minutes.

“It is a product that is dangerous, a product that we don’t want to have in our state,” said Rep. Shelly Willingham, a Rocky Mount Democrat and the bill’s sponsor. “You can put it in your food, you can put it in your coffee – anything you can do with Kool-Aid you can do with this.”

If Willingham’s bill becomes law, North Carolina would join 26 other states that have already banned powdered alcohol. The bill goes next to the Senate.