Under the Dome

NC House votes to ban new recreational drugs

The N.C. House voted unanimously early Thursday morning to add more recreational drugs to the state’s list of illegal substances – an effort to keep pace with drug users who are finding new ways to get high.

House Bill 341 addresses drug compounds known as NBOMe (or N-Bombs) – powerful hallucinogens similar to LSD.

“NBOMe is just another example of what these people will do to circumvent the law,” said Rep. Craig Horn, a Union County Republican and co-sponsor of the bill.

The bill sponsors worked closely with the State Crime Lab to develop chemical definitions of the drug. Another co-sponsor, Rep. Darren Jackson of Knightdale, said he’s comfortable with the costs associated with more drug convictions.

“If it takes $20,000 a year to imprison a drug dealer to keep them from killing our kids, I don’t have a problem with it,” Jackson said.

The bill also would strengthen drug laws to include bath salts and synthetic marijuana products. It now heads to the Senate.