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He wanted NC to print its own money – now he’s trying to make a comeback

A handout photo of gold bars stacked in a vault underneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
A handout photo of gold bars stacked in a vault underneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. New York Times

A former state legislator best known for proposing that North Carolina issue its own currency is running for the N.C. House again.

Glen Bradley, a Republican from Franklin County, served a single House term in 2011-2012 before redistricting cost him his seat. He recently announced he'll run this year in House District 7, where incumbent Rep. Bobbie Richardson, a Franklin County Democrat, is seeking another term. Bradley is expected to face Nash County Commissioner Lisa Barnes in the Republican primary.

Former Rep. Glen Bradley file photo

Bradley made headlines in 2011 when he filed a bill that would study the possibility of North Carolina issuing its own legal tender backed by silver and gold.

"I think we're in the process of inflating a dollar bubble that could be very devastating," Bradley told The News & Observer at the time. "The idea is once the study commission finishes its work, then we could build on top of the hard-money currency with an actual State Tender Act that will basically (issue currency) in correspondence to precious metals stored in the state treasury."

In 2012, Bradley argued in a House floor debate against the inclusion of the word "sustainable" in the mission statement of a government committee, suggesting that the word is part of a United Nations conspiracy to "lull the public into complacency," according to WRAL.

In a candidacy announcement on his website, Bradley doesn't mention those positions, instead focusing on his opposition to same-sex marriage, support for gun rights, and efforts to enact a voter ID requirement.

"I am running on my record not from my record, and it is high time to put people into the General Assembly who have the integrity and the courage to speak truth to power," Bradley wrote.