Under the Dome

Pastor: Sunday hunting ban doesn’t make you an ‘animal rights extremist’

There are some things Rev. Mark Creech doesn’t want to be called. “Animal rights extremist” is one of them.

The executive director of the Christian Action League of N.C. is taking the National Rifle Association to task for what he considers to be a cheap shot, acknowledging the bad pun.

Creech and the NRA are at odds over House Bill 640, a bill that would repeal the state’s 145-year-old ban on Sunday hunting. Last week the gun group emailed an action alert saying the Sunday hunting ban endorses “the view of animal ‘rights’ extremists that there is something wrong with hunting.”

Hold on, says Creech, who identifies himself as a lifelong hunter who has owned guns his whole life, and who is applying for a permit to carry a concealed handgun. The alert “smears people of faith, like me, who oppose Sunday hunting,” Creech writes on the league’s website.

The Christian Action League has problems with several things about the bill, but its main reason is religious: Society has gradually robbed the seventh day of its sacred meaning.

The bill has passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate.