Under the Dome

AFP looks to NC Senate to rewrite budget

Donald Bryson, head of Americans for Prosperity in North Carolina, continued to question details of the state House budget at a news conference Tuesday as the group unveiled what it called its jobs agenda.

“There’s plenty of pork in this budget,” said Bryson. The $22.1 billion budget won broad House support in the GOP-dominated House last week, passing in a 93-23 bipartisan vote. Bryson said he expected Republicans in the Senate to do a thorough rewrite.

At a time when many economic developers are looking to South Carolina with envy for winning a new Volvo plant, Bryson noted that South Carolina’s unemployment rate has gone up since January 2014 while North Carolina’s has dropped.

South Carolina laid out a healthy incentives package in landing Volvo.

AFP, a group backed by the billionaire Koch brothers, opposes job incentives.

“We need to be a leader in our own right,” Bryson said.

AFP’s jobs agenda, which includes items such as repealing renewal portfolio standards and certificate of need laws that require medical providers get state approval to expand, is a compilation of familiar AFP issues.