Under the Dome

McCrory signs bills on juvenile law, bike safety

Gov. Pat McCrory signed six not controversial bills on Tuesday:

▪ H.B. 294 – It’s now a criminal offense to give a cell phone to a juvenile who is in custody.

▪ H.B. 113 – This increases the criminal penalty for sex offenses committed against a student by school personnel. It also requires institutions of higher education to have a list of students and employees who are registered as sex offenders.

▪ H.B. 82 – Clarifies how law enforcement officers can enter premises to take juveniles into custody when there is reason to believe the juvenile is abused, neglected or dependent, and a custody order has been issued.

▪ H.B. 232 – The state transportation department will convene a working group to study bicycle safety laws and recommend safety changes.

▪ H.B. 237 – Repeals personal education plans and modifies the development of transition plans for at-risk students. Local boards of education must adopt and implement rules directing school improvement teams to develop transition plans for students at risk.

▪ H.B. 570 – Directs law enforcement and courts to use an electronic database to resolve outstanding warrants while a defendant is in custody, to improve efficiency.