Under the Dome

McCrory signs opossum, graffiti bills; 10 others

Gov. Pat McCrory announced Thursday that he has signed 12 additional bills into law.

Other than the annual opossum bill, another cracking down on graffiti and one allowing retention elections for Supreme Court justices, most were not controversial. Here we go:

▪ H.B. 552 — Creates the criminal offense of graffiti vandalism.

▪ H.B. 574 — Provides that no state or local statues, rules, regulations or ordinances related to wildlife apply to the Virginia opossum between Dec. 29 and Jan. 2 each year. This is another attempt to keep the annual New Year’s Even “Possum Drop” going amid legal challenges by PETA.

▪ H.B. 222 — Provides for the initial election and subsequent retention election of justices of the state Supreme Court.

▪ H.B. 291 — Gives the State Treasurer authority to deal with unclaimed property that is hazardous.

▪ S.B. 112 — Urges coastal community colleges to offer courses on commercial fishing and aquaculture.

▪ H.B. 274 — Makes minor and technical changes pertaining to the various retirement systems.

▪ H.B. 691 — Makes it a felony to assault members of the N.C. National Guard.

▪ S.B. 597 — Repeals references to the ABCs program, which is no longer being used.

▪ H.B. 340 — Requires that burial services be conducted at all state veterans cemeteries every day of the week that is not a state or federal holiday.

▪ H.B. 346 — Authorizes counties to adopt ordinances to address “unreasonable restrictions” of the public's right to use ocean beaches.

▪ H.B. 352 — Increases protections for 911 and public safety telecommunicators in lawsuits by requiring plaintiffs’ burden of proof must be “clear and convincing evidence.”

▪ S.B. 315 — Allows local school boards to make outdoor school property available to the public for recreational purposes.