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Donald Trump tried out ‘rapist’ immigrant comments in Raleigh speech

While billionaire businessman Donald Trump has been taking heat for his June 16 comments suggesting many immigrants are “rapists,” the presidential candidate made the same claim 10 days earlier in Raleigh.

“You don’t have to be really smart to realize that when people come from Mexico, and all over South America, and probably the Middle East and other places, we’re not getting their best and their finest,” Trump told the N.C. Republican Party convention on June 6.

“You’re getting drug guys. You’re getting killers. You’re getting rapists.”

Trump has been widely criticized for similar remarks on June 16 when he announced his run for president. NBC and Univision have announced they’ll stop broadcasting the beauty pageants run by Trump. And he’s divided other Republican presidential contenders, some of whom have denounced his position on the issue.

But in some respects, Trump’s June 16 comments were softer than his Raleigh remarks on immigrants, when he suggested that some are murderers. He also suggested that immigrants have a detrimental effect on the country overall.

“All these people, they’re never going to help us,” he concluded. “They’re only going to hurt us.”

The immigration comments were overshadowed in Raleigh by Trump’s near-confirmation of his run for president. He also raised eyebrows that night by using the words “clown” and “ass” to describe other GOP presidential contenders.

Here’s a longer transcript of what Trump told Republicans in Raleigh on June 6:

“Mexico is not our friend. Only stupid people think that Mexico is our friend. They’re killing us at the border, and they’re killing our people too, by the way.

“It’s like a sieve. It’s like water just pouring through. People are coming through by the hundreds of thousands.”

Recounting a conversation he had with two Border Patrol agents, who he says told him that only about 10 percent of immigrants aren’t criminals: “They said, ‘Mr. Trump, honestly it’s not a good situation. Rough, rough people are coming in. They’re coming in with records, they’re coming in with crime.’ They’re telling me that the kind of people that are coming in are the kind of people that Mexico and South America don’t want. And we take them, and we ship all over the country. We’re like a dumping ground. We’re a dumping ground for other peoples’ problems.”

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