Under the Dome

McCrory renews criticism of legislature’s budget plans

Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday renewed his criticism of state lawmakers for including a host of policy proposals — so-called “special provisions” — in their proposed budgets.

McCrory made his comments on WFAE’s Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins. Much of the discussion was in response to listener phone calls involving a proposed I-77 toll lane project in Charlotte. He defended his decision not to include money to widen the roadway in his $1.4 billion bond proposal.

The governor also criticized GOP lawmakers for redrawing the Greensboro council districts.

In response to a caller, he expressed skepticism about expanding Medicaid to 500,000 North Carolinians.

Even though the federal government would pay 90 percent of the cost for three years, he said it might be hard for the state to find money to cover the remaining 10 percent. And he said the state hasn’t gotten clearance from the Obama administration to attach work or job training requirements to any expansion.