Under the Dome

Spaulding launches radio ad against Cooper

The first political ad of the 2016 campaign for governor of North Carolina launches on Wednesday morning.

It’s a radio spot for Democatic primary hopeful Ken Spaulding, a lawyer from Durham and former member of the state House.

In it, Spaulding criticizes his presumed opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, for allowing his office to defend the election law changes that are the focus of a trial in federal court in Winston-Salem. Spaulding says Cooper didn’t have to defend the lawsuit, noting that he declined to pursue defense of the same-sex marriage ban previously.

Cooper’s office did defend the same-sex marriage suit, until court rulings made further defense futile, he said at the time.

"Now, my Democratic opponent, Attorney General Roy Cooper, through his office is siding in court with Gov. Pat McCrory and his Republican legislature regarding the most restrictive voter suppression laws in America," Spaulding says in the radio ad.

"These politicians who take us for granted, and who tell us one thing and do the other, are the very reason why I am running for governor. I oppose these actions, and I am one Democrat who is not afraid to fight for all of the people of North Carolina against Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper and these bad laws.”

UPDATE: Cooper campaign strategist Morgan Jackson issued this response: "Roy Cooper spoke out forcefully against this bad law and he would have vetoed it if he were Governor. Pat McCrory pushed for the law and signed it."