Under the Dome

Proposed ban on new recreational drugs heads to McCrory

The N.C. Senate voted unanimously Wednesday to add more recreational drugs to the state’s list of illegal substances – an effort to keep pace with drug users who are finding new ways to get high.

House Bill 341 addresses drug compounds known as NBOMe (or N-Bombs) – powerful hallucinogens similar to LSD. It now heads to Gov. Pat McCrory for final approval.

“This particular drug – this NBOMe – has no legitimate purpose,” said Sen. Tamara Barringer, a Cary Republican. “More than 20 people have died from this in the United States, and one of them was one of my constituents.”

Barringer referred to Timothy Castaneda, a 17-year-old from Apex who died of an NBOMe overdose in 2012.

The bill also would strengthen drug laws to include bath salts and synthetic marijuana products.