Under the Dome

‘Revenge porn’ bill nears approval

The Senate appears likely to approve legislation making “revenge porn” illegal, following unanimous approval by a judiciary committee on Thursday. The House has already approved it.

House Bill 792 would it a low-level felony for anyone to try to humiliate, intimidate or harass someone in a personal relationship by posting nude photos online or elsewhere without their consent.

“This is becoming a real problem,” Rep. John Faircloth, a Republican and former police chief in High Point, told the committee. “It can be a problem that can actually ruin a person’s life, or you can drive them to suicide.”

In addition to it being a felony, the bill would allow someone to sue anyone who discloses or uses the images for actual damages of $1,000 a day or $10,000, whichever is higher, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

An amendment by Sen. Brent Jackson, a Republican from Autryville, that was added to the bill would make indecent exposure by someone invited into a private residence illegal.