Under the Dome

Meadows makes move to oust Boehner as speaker

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, a Republican from Cashiers, on Tuesday filed a resolution that is aimed at setting off a longshot maneuver to topple House Speaker John Boehner from his post – if a committee controlled by the speaker allows it.

Meadows’s procedural move is to declare Boehner’s office vacant. While almost certain to fail, it again demonstrates the frustration with Boehner among conservative Republicans.

The measure filed by Meadows would need the Rules Committee’s approval to move forward. Meadows could have used a different procedure to try to force an immediate vote.

Meadows was briefly removed from a subcommittee chairmanship in June for siding against House Republican leaders on a trade vote.

Meadows couldn’t be reached immediately.

Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, a Texas Republican, said he had just learned about the measure and didn’t have an immediate answer on whether his committee would advance it.

House rules say that “a speaker may be removed at the will of the House and a speaker pro tempore appointed.”

A majority of House members present and voting would be required to oust the speaker. A series of procedural steps are required before that vote could be taken, and those would require help from House Democrats to pass. Republicans control the House 246-188.

Rep. Richard Hudson, a North Carolina Republican who said he opposes the move, suggested that Meadows “wants to set up an August where this is the main topic” during lawmakers’ summer break in their home districts.

Hudson said Meadows’s effort threatens to take attention from President Barack Obama and the nuclear deal with Iran, which he said “should be the focus.”

But Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican who has experienced the wrath of the leadership and is a Boehner foe, complained that the leader is “not listening to the American people.” He faulted leaders for not allowing quick votes against same-sex marriage and federal money for Planned Parenthood.

“He just has the courage to do something about it,” Jones said of Meadows.

From wire reports