Under the Dome

Diving deeper into campaign finance in governor race

Now that the state elections board has posted Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign finance report for the first half of the year, we can dive a little deeper to compare and contrast it with what’s been happening on Attorney General Roy Cooper’s side of the money race.

Nearly 700 lawyers gave close to half a million dollars to Cooper, contrasted with about 100 contributing $75,000 to McCrory.

McCrory far outpaces Cooper among CEO’s and the like: About 675 have given $380,000 to McCrory. Cooper collected about $100,000 from about 80 of them.

Political action committees and other outside groups haven’t really begun to spend money yet. But superPACs are expected to join the fray later.

Some other nuggets:

▪ Cooper, who outdrew the governor with $2.2 million in donations to McCrory’s $1.3 million, took in more money than the governor in every month this year. He stepped on the gas in June, collecting $620,000, almost twice as much as McCrory.

▪ Breaking down the contributions into a dollar range, McCror’s strongest showing was among donors who gave $4,000 or more. Thirty-nine percent of McCrory’s money came from that category contrasted with 20 percent of Cooper’s.

▪ Geographic trends were predictably divided among liberal and conservative counties, although the gap was narrow in McCrory’s home turf of Mecklenburg County. McCrory only received about $18,000 more than Cooper in Mecklenburg, which accounted for about $450,000 combined.