Under the Dome

McCrory signs executions, gun bills


Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday signed into law a bill limiting public disclosure of those who make, supply or administer the drugs used in lethal injections of death-row prisoners.

House Bill 774 also removes the requirement that physicians be present during executions. That provision is meant to eliminate one of the legal hurdles that currently block the death penalty in North Carolina.

The protocol would be exempt from the state Rules Review Commission.

The ACLU and a national organization of conservatives who question the death penalty had asked the governor this week to veto the bill. N.C. Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty issued a statement saying, “Making secret the way in which our state obtains the drugs needed and conducts executions practically guarantees that NC will join states around the country that have seen horribly botched executions.”

McCrory also signed HB562, a once controversial gun bill that had all its controversial parts stripped out as it made its way through the legislature. Gone is a provision that would have repealed the state’s pistol permit system, and allowed lawmakers and their staffs to carry concealed weapons in the legislature.

SB233 allows for the automatic expunction of criminal records in cases of mistaken identity. The law in this state already allows for expunction in cases of identity theft. This new law includes mistaken identity in the identification of the person who committed a crime, or when a witness or law enforcement officer has been given the wrong information about a suspect.

The bill came about because of the false arrest of a Durham native mistakenly identified as a bank robbery suspect in California. He had to go through a lengthy process to have the arrest record sealed and destroyed.

The bills were among 27 he signed on Thursday. He issued a statement on the record expunction bill, but not on any of the others.

A previous version of this blog post incorrectly said the bill keeps secret the ingredients of the drugs used in lethal injections.